Enabling your organisation
to catch the wave of
healthy indoor air

Helping you bridge the gap between the challenges of poor indoor air quality and the solutions you can provide.

Healthier Homes Awareness

The New Priority for Building Professionals

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Bespoke Capability Building

Enhanced Organisational Strategy on IAQ

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"Air Aware" Innovation

Design Thinking for Products in the New "Air Aware" World

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Healthier Buildings Awareness

Facilities Management's response to clean air demands

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Short Courses

Expand your knowledge on IAQ and the solutions to create a Healthier Indoor Environment with these short courses

Product Technical Review

Assess your products' scientific capability

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"Air Aware" for Services

Design Thinking for Services in the New "Air Aware" World

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The new "Air Aware" Consumer / Full

Design Thinking in the
"Air Aware" World

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Leading Science & Innovation

The New Paradigm of Healthy Indoor Air

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