Enabling your organisation
to catch the wave of
healthy indoor air

Helping you bridge the gap between the challenges of poor indoor air quality and the solutions you can provide.


Healthier Homes Awareness

The New Priority for Building Professionals

Course Fee: User & Enterprise

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Bespoke Capability Building

Enhanced Organisational Strategy on IAQ

Course fee: Enterprise Pricing

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"Air Aware" Innovation

Design Thinking for Products in the New "Air Aware" World

Workshop fee: POA

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Science & Leadership

Market Leadership in the New Paradigm of Healthy Indoor Air

Course fee: POA

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Health Claims Risk Analysis - for Healthier Indoor Air

Investment: Starts at $10,000 

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Playbook of asthma & allergy friendly Certification

Course fee: Enterprise Pricing

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Build a Strategy Linked AI Enabled Business

Course fee: $457 per person

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Data-Driven Decision Making - Upskill Your Teams

Course fee: $297 per person

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About the ASL Academy?

We have a long standing track record of helping businesses to develop comprehensive in-company learning & development programmes with tailored training and customised Learning Management Systems.

Lifelong Learning

Lifelong learning is the "ongoing, voluntary, and self-motivated" pursuit of knowledge for either personal or professional reasons. 

Professional Qualification

Gain accredited qualifications and accelerate your career

Product Technical Review

Assess your products' scientific capability

Investment: $5,000

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"Air Aware" for Services

Design Thinking for Services in the New "Air Aware" World

Workshop fee: $10,000

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The new "Air Aware" Consumer / Full

Design Thinking in the New
"Air Aware" World

Workshop fee: $20,000

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Leading Science & Innovation

The New Paradigm of Healthy Indoor Air

Course fee: $10,000 team of 10

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