The Medical Impact of Poor Indoor

The dialogue between building professionals and customers is changing. It is vital for those in the construction industry to understand what it means to have healthy indoor air and how that is shaping customer demands.

Dr John explains why great looking buildings may not necessarily be healthy buildings and what we can do about it.

Learning Objectives

  • How to make the link between a great building and a healthy building
  • Understand how new environmental and social business models are steering investors and the impact this will have on construction projects
  • The opportunity of going ‘beyond code’ and becoming an indoor air specialist
  • Know the importance of language such as Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), IEQ, Building Related Illness (BRI), and Indoor Environmental Quality
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Academic Lead

Dr. John McKeon

CEO of Allergy Standards with over 20 years experience in health and the built environment

John is a medical entrepreneur and currently the CEO of Allergy Standards Ltd (ASL), an international standards and certification body, a company he founded while working as an Emergency Room Doctor. As the founder he has led the development of an international intellectual property portfolio of patents and trade mark applications and negotiated complex licensing agreements with multinationals such as P&G and 3M. Along the way he has secured significant equity investments as well as academic and industry grant awards. As a serial entrepreneur, John is involved in a number of successful healthcare related ventures.

How you learn

  • Requires internet connection & web browser
  • Available on mobile or laptop
  • Slide based courses with Dr John McKeon
  • Interactive quiz and surveys
  • E-books and realistic page flip
  • Audio and video lecturer
  • Ask questions and get answers from a real person
  • Links with Allergy Standards content library
  • Optional access to a comprehensive knowledge base
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